Msplot is visualisation tool for massif, which is the memory usage analysation tool of Valgrind. It is currently in a very early stage, but still might be useful.
download here


msplot screenshot 1
A screenshot of what msplot looks like.
  1. 1. Here you can choose the scaling mode. Dynamic scaling makes each snapshot use a full circle, static scaling draws all snapshots on the same circular scale.
  2. 2. here you can select how many stacktrace levels are displayed
  3. 3. The names of the functions whose segment you clicked
  4. 4. A pie-chart of how the memory is allocated in your program. The center ring represents malloc/new etc. The ring around that shows which functions have called malloc/new, and the next ring show which functions have called these functions etc. etc. the segment angular size is proportional to the amount of memory allocated from each function.
  5. 5. The umount of memory corresponding to the full circle, in bytes. So the full circle represents about 25 MB, of which a little less than 3/4 is allocated at this snapshot. Because 'static scaling' is selected at 1, the full circle will be the max amount of memory the program allocted during it's lifetime
  6. 6. With this scrollbar you can scroll through the snapshots, so you can watch the memory your program allocated over time
msplot screenshot 2
A screenshot of the same program being analyzed, but scrolled to a later snapshot. You can see the LineOrBlockCache function allocated more mem at this point in time.